Qualifications for Membership

Membership is limited to men and women who are currently or have previously been employed in the editorial departments of Chicago area daily or weekly newspapers, syndicates, magazines, recognized news services, or in the news departments of regional radio and television stations for at least one year or more. All applications require the approval of our board of directors.

Why should you join?


Annual Award Dinner An annual award dinner each fall pays tribute to numerous reporters and editors for their body of work. Entries are judged by a prestigious panel of journalists.

$1,000 Sarah Brown Boyden Award for the most outstanding article or series.

Chicago Journalists Of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Award

Daniel Pearl Award
Presented to a local or national foreign correspondent who best exemplifies the courage and high journalism standards of the late Wall Street Journal reporter.

The Chicago Journalists Association Charitable Fund
Scholarships presented to outstanding high school and college journalism students. Includes a $1,000 scholarship to sons, daughters or other immediate relatives of members.
Mentoring program for high school journalism students. Held in conjunction with Youth Communications, active and retired members share their expertise with these teenagers.

Reciprocity Agreement
We join the Washington National Press Club in supporting activities of the Philippine National Press Club, U.S.A.

Quarterly newsletter and membership directory

Frequent luncheons featuring prominent speakers

Annual John O’Brien picnic and winter holiday get-together for members and their families

Good and Welfare Committee constantly keeps in touch with ailing members and their families.

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Membership Dues:

$65.00/year for working members
$40.00/year for retirees

Request a membership form by e-mail! or download the form and send completed form and check to the CJA.